Are you interested in gaining real, hands-on experience in TV production? Then we have one of the best opportunities for you here in Sunny Spain.

We are ExpatLive.TV, in Javea, Spain, we are looking for 4 interns to come to Spain and do a full-time internship. We have set-up a new television channel named: ExpatLive.TV

ExpatLive.TV is a new & exciting channel being created in Javea, Spain. It will be available on Apple Tv, Samsung Tv, Android & Apple phones and tablets, and of course online!

We’d even be happy to play your own films you may have made for a school, college or university projects!

Television internships are the best way to gain real-world experience and start networking within the industry.  Television internship duties may include assisting with pre-production and location research, working behind the scenes with sets and cameras during television shoots, and assisting with logs and transcriptions for post-production.  We will be open ears to any ideas you have.  A work day will start at 9am Monday – Friday and finish around 6pm.  This includes lunch break and lunch will be provided for you on the working day.  Accommodation within walking distance will also be provided.  Please understand, this will not be a paid job.

The initial term will be November 6th 2016 to February 6th 2017 (with possibilities to extend or turn into a full time job for the right people.

For any more information or for enrolment contact with any questions